Travel Interests

Education and Learning

Combine a travel experience with hands-on education and you have a learning journey. Take your learning to new heights with the inclusion of a new and exciting destination.

SAN DIEGO TRAVEL offers travel experiences powered by 40 years of travel planning expertise. More than a traditional vacation, you will acquire, or improve upon your areas of interest such as photography, watercolor painting, bird watching, language study, architecture, cooking, health and wellness and more!

Our worldwide destinations are chosen specifically to make practicing each skill more accessible, and more fun. You will even have the opportunity to attend off-the-beaten-path festivals in your area of interest. Take your learning immersion to new heights!

The arrangements can be coupled with Seminars, Workshops, Incentive groups and other combinations. Call us and discuss what your unique requirements are and we will be glad to design a Custom itinerary using our trusted global network.

Have you wondered how these arrangements can be made on board a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive resort? Yes they can! Call us and we will show you how well it can be done.