Your safety and comfort

The Story of Tim & Tom

Planning the Trip

Looks like Tom is having some problems sorting through all of the options and prices on ”The Machine.“ However, Tim looks as though he has found the perfect trip with his Ensemble-member travel agent. Time is money, Tom!

The Itinerary

What a smooth looking itinerary for Tim! Looks like Tom has a long ordeal ahead of him. It helps to have an expert plan your trip, then Tom wouldn’t be using two extra vacation days to catch those “cheap” flights!

En Route

Ouch! Poor Tom…looks like his 3-layover trip is going to get a little bit longer. If only he had Tim’s Ensemble-member travel agent to book him on the next flight with the other airline. Enjoy your in-air Macchiato, Tim!

Airport Mishap

Uh oh! Tom didn’t realize the requirements for his destination. His passport is too close to expiration and he is missing the proper Visa. Wait until those border agents find the fruit in his bag! The benefits of working with an Ensemble-member travel agent: expertise and peace of mind!


Hasn’t Tom heard of Photoshop and fake reviews?! Those pictures for that perfect accommodation were phony. Tim’s Ensemble-member travel agent had been to the property and knew it was exactly what Tim had in mind. Tim felt like a VIP with the Ensemble Exclusive free welcome food basket and daily breakfast, a discount on spa treatments and an activity pass. Tom might as well sleep outside!


Tim’s Ensemble-member agent has a great On Location partner who set up an awesome Dolphin Excursion with snorkeling. Tom on the other hand got duped by “The Machine” and its add-on excursions. But don’t feel too bad for him, the rubber duck is included!

~ The End ~

Whether you are looking for expertise, exclusive offers, time-savings, peace of mind, or any other of the endless benefits associated with a top-tier Ensemble-member travel agency, follow Tim and start creating experiences with an Ensemble-member travel agent.